Speed (or lack thereof) Kills


I attended the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Annual Convention & Business Exchange this past week, and one thing was abundantly clear: AT&T has miserable service in Ft. Lauderdale (as it does in most places I visit). ??There was miserable service in the airport when I arrived, miserable service in the cab right to the hotel, and miserable service at the Westin Diplomat, the hotel and conference center where the event was being held.

Because of impending technical parity in the smartphone industry, a smartphone is only as good as its speed. ??My iPhone 3Gs was slogging through a social check-in??at the business exchange while my friends were flying through the app with the Incredible, Moment, Droid X, and Evo. ??I fully understand that AT&T’s problems are due to the strain of the iPhone masses, but things are quickly getting out of hand.

Apple is already dealing with reception issues with their iPhone 4, and the iPhone 3Gs’s relative lack of speed makes the legions of iPhone users cringe when their friends with Androids are able to get directions to the nearest Ruby Tuesdays faster than they can. ??It never used to be like that. ??In the absence of Android, iPhone users proudly showcased their shiny new phones and the ability to get directions, find the nearest bar, and surf the web faster than the iPhone’s predecessors. ??This advantage has slowly slipped away as its massive popularity and lucrative contract with AT&T have created new problems for the tech giant.

When my brutal 2-year contract with AT&T runs out, my purchasing decision will have less to do with the brand of phone and more to do with its speed.

Speed (or lack thereof) Kills

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