#RaiseTheRim, Or $272MM of VC Money on a Basketball Court

Last Wednesday was an amazing day in the Boston startup community. Around 150 people in the startup industry came together at Basketball City to support TUGG and work up a little sweat.  Thank you to Harvey Simmons and the rest of the EverTrue crew for putting on one of the best events of the year!  We were even treated to a defensive clinic put on by MA’s own Scott Brown.

As I looked around and took in the atmosphere, I came to the realization that the entire event, and to a bigger extent everyone’s livelihood, is funded by venture capital.   Many of the startups are funded by VC, the service providers are paid by startups, and investors and incubators dish out the cash and debt.

The 28 startups represented at #RaiseTheRim have raised about $272MM in aggregate.  Venture capital not only gives startups who need capital to scale a better chance to succeed, it also allows the brightest young minds to work on the most challenging and  innovative ideas.  Incredible.

Service Providers

HB Agency, Invest Northern Ireland, StartUp Institute, Cambridge Innovation Center, Willis, GCAi, Bridge Bank, Smashfly Technologies, and TUGG.


Healthbox and Atlas Ventures.


Jana – 9.18MM
DataXu – $45.8MM
Simple Tuition – $17.9MM
CoachUp – $2.2MM
Dailybreak – $8.51MM
Yesware – $5MM
InsightSquared – $5.5MM
Rakuten Loyalty
Abine – $5MM
Promoboxx – $2.25MM
VSnap – $750K
PerkStreet Financial – $15MM
RunKeeper – $11.5MM
Social Betworks
The Motorsport Lab
StarStreet – $600K
ConnectEDU – $24.7MM
Silicon Valley Bank
Rue La La – $22MM
LevelUp – $40.8MM
EverTrue – $6.5MM
Uber – $49.5MM

#RaiseTheRim, Or $272MM of VC Money on a Basketball Court

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